Our April Family:

Helping the Bennis Family

For the month of April, we are sponsoring Heather Bennis. While working her scheduled shift at the Breakfast Station, one of her regular customers had noticed a small lump on the side of her neck and made Heather aware of this immediately. After further follow up was done, Heather received news that she was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer at the age of 26.

Throughout this time, Heather will be undergoing different surgeries that are going to assist her with her recovery. For The Family Car Wash, it is our goal to sponsor Heather Bennis and her family in this difficult time by sharing her story and donating in different ways throughout the month of April.

For continued updates on Heather’s progress, follow along with our Facebook page. If you would like to donate in any way, below is a Go Fundme page for Heather in an effort to help assist her and her family during this time. Thank you Heather for allowing us to help and share your story with the community!