Our October Recognition:

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Devastation

Every month The Family Car Wash sponsors a family or deserving charitable organization with the goal of being more involved in the community. For the month of October, we are recognizing the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the evening of August 25th – with 130 mph winds making it a category 4 hurricane. Harvey is considered to be the nations first major (category 3 or stronger) hurricane landfall since Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida in October of 2005. Wind gusts from Harvey near its landfall point topped 100 mph in many locations, leading to widespread destruction of homes and buildings. Harvey’s extreme slow movement August 26th to the 30th resulted in catastrophic flooding in southeast Texas and Louisiana. The rainfall total from Hurricane Harvey would mark the heaviest from any tropical cyclone in the United States records since 1950.

Hurricane Irma was one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. When Irma maintained 180 mph wind speeds for 37 hours, it set a record for the most intense storm for such a long duration – anywhere on Earth. It made landfall on September 10th, upsetting the islands and the Florida Keys before terrorizing both Florida coats in vastly different ways. Hurricane Irma knocked out power to millions of people and some are even still waiting to have power return to their homes and businesses.

Throughout the month of October, The Family Car Wash will be donating in different ways to show our support for the areas affected by the hurricanes and to help with the devastation that was caused. For ways that you can get involved or donate, there are a few different organizations that are directly donating and supporting the effects from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and their information is below.